Our market loss policy applies to bullion only. That is defined as all physical Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium that are based on their precious metals price.

Due to a fluctuating market, once an order has been submitted and a confirmation number has been received, your order is locked in and may not be cancelled. All cancelled orders are subject to a $35 cancellation fee as well as any incurred market loss. Any gain on the cancellation will be kept by Rinkor Rare Coins, LLC. A market loss will be incurred when the price of the precious metals falls below the price you agreed to purchase. Should this happen, you will be charged the difference between the original purchase price and the price at the time of cancellation. This amount plus the $35 cancellation fee will be deducted from the original payment method or charged to the credit card on file.

Unit Price At Time Of Confirmation Unit Price At Time of Cancellation Quantity Difference Market Loss or Gain Incurred Fees
$30 $25 20 -$5 per unit ($25-$30) x 20 = -$100 $100 + $35
$30 $35 20 +$5 per unit ($30-$35) x 20 = +$100  $0