The number one question we get asked is “How much is my coin worth?” Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. The value of any given coin depends on multiple factors. The date, mint mark, condition and survival rate all affect the value. We cannot (and will not) tell you the value of your coins without actually seeing them and determining these factors. Please do not email us asking us to do so, as we can only give general values without inspection of the coins. Your best bet is to ship your coins or bring them by our office for a visual inspection and determination of value.

We are an authorized submission dealer for PCGS, NGC, ANACS and CAC. If you have coins you would like certified, please contact our office via the contact form or by phone for information on cost as well as grading service options.

(707) 546-2575


We do buy and sell all common forms of gold and silver bullion as well as other metals like palladium and platinum. These purchase can be completed by cash, debit card (in office only), cashier check, personal check, bank wire, or credit card. There is a 4% surcharge on all credit card purchases for bullion products only. All purchases with any form of check will be held until the check clears and funds are released. Cash purchases in excess of $10,000 will require an IRS form 8300. Bank wires and personal checks do not require form 8300, regardless of the amount purchased.

If you have any questions or concerns about an order, please email us and be sure to indicate the order number, the date you placed the order and your full name. If you created an account, you can login and go to “Orders”.

Yes. We do offer a layaway plan for up to 90 days on coin purchases with 25% down and an additional 25% every 30 days. There are no returns on layaway items. A credit towards the purchase of another coin may be issued if the layaway process is not completed.